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Accessibility in the Client Portal

Screen readers – Screen reader optimisation is an ongoing project within the Client Portal and across the Eteach Group. We hope that you will have no difficulty in navigating via screen reader but please contact us should you find any issues or hindrances to your… Read More

Getting started on the Client Portal

Welcome to the Knowledge Base. Here you can find articles on all the functionality of the Client Portal and more. To access the Knowledge Base, simply click the “FAQ / Knowledge Base” link at the bottom left-hand corner of your Client Portal: Here is a… Read More

Adding Team Members to your Portal

Click “Settings” on the left side menu > Click “School settings” then “Team members”  > Then click on“Invite a team member” button on the top right corner. Fill out the email address of the invited team member. Select a role for them. Then check the Job(s)/Talent Pool(s) that you want the… Read More

Changing Administrator Role

If you are the person creating your company account in your Client Portal, you receive the  Administrator role by default. An Administrator has access to everything in the Client Portal and can edit everything. If you don’t want to be an Administrator you need to invite… Read More