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Recording my online interviews

For joined up candidate management, store your online interview recordings in one place. How do I record my online interviews? The way you record your online interview depends on the online interview tool that you select. Google Meet allows the meeting organiser to record the… Read More

How to grow your Talent Pool

A Talent Pool gives you access to a database of quality, interested candidates waiting for the perfect teaching opportunity. It enables you to stay one step ahead of your school’s talent needs, at all times. Making use of Eteach’s Talent Pools will mean: less time… Read More

Career page tips

On this page, you’ll find tips on how to build your school’s own bespoke career page.  A career page for your school is included with all Eteach licences. (However, if you have the Premium licence, please read this other article about the career SITE which has… Read More

Filtering in a Talent Pool

In Dashboard select Talent Pool and you can view all candidates. When viewing candidates you can filter by the Role, Phase, Subject or Talent Pools available to you. Within Roles, Phase, Subject and Talent Pools you can select what results you see by ticking or… Read More

How to use a Talent Pool

Talent Pools The Eteach and FEjobs Talent Pools are a powerful tool that allow you to be pro-active with your recruitment by contacting a pool of candidates in your area, looking for their next education opportunity. Every school and college should operate at least one… Read More

Managing Candidate Data

Each candidate who applies or gets imported to your Client Portal has all their data organised in an easy to digest candidate profile, visible only to you, the client. Moving them between stages: Within your ATS (Applicant Tracking System) the candidate profiles can be dragged… Read More

Performing Bulk Actions

Performing Bulk Actions in Vacancies: In Vacancies you can perform three Bulk Actions: Proceed candidates to stages Disqualify candidates Send emails to candidates Click Vacancies on the left side menu and select the job you want to perform Bulk Actions in. In the RECRUITING PIPELINE tab… Read More