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Declaration options

In line with the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) 2022 guidelines outlined by the UK government, when using our online application form you have the option to decide whether you collect declarations from all your candidates at application stage, or collect declarations from your… Read More

GDPR-compliant application storing

GDPR-compliant data storage The Eteach system is designed to provide you with a fully GDPR-compliant recruitment process from start to finish. The critical factor in keeping candidate data secure within the Eteach Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is that it arrives with you electronically, directly within… Read More

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Adding Team Members to your Portal

Click “Settings” on the left side menu > Click “School settings” then “Team members”  > Then click on“Invite a team member” button on the top right corner. Fill out the email address of the invited team member. Select a role for them. Then check the Job(s)/Talent Pool(s) that you want the… Read More

Changing Administrator Role

If you are the person creating your company account in your Client Portal, you receive the  Administrator role by default. An Administrator has access to everything in the Client Portal and can edit everything. If you don’t want to be an Administrator you need to invite… Read More

Creating your Email Signature

Select Settings and go to School Settings where you’ll see Email templates. Scroll down in Email templates to Email signature and click Edit signature. Edit the signature as you wish and click Save when you finish. Need more functionality? Why not upgrade to Premium today! Eteach… Read More

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Creating skill sets to review candidates

Go to Settings in the left-hand menu and select School settings. Go to Recruiting pipeline and scroll down to the Default skill section. Click Add a skill. Type in the skill you want to add and click Save when you finish. Repeat this step to add… Read More

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Creating and Using Default Disqualify Reasons

Default disqualify reasons are used in a dropdown menu during the recruitment process that you can choose from when you need to disqualify candidates. You can set default disqualify reasons by going to Settings, School settings and then Recruiting pipeline. In the Recruiting pipeline under… Read More

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